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Founded in 2011

In the early days of Serapion, our eyes were set on conquering the business world with a focus on new technology. Our ambition guided us to develop a groundbreaking system that provided unrivalled product creation options for customers. It was this unwavering spirit that laid the foundation for the success story of Serapion.

Solving complex
problems globally

Freiburger munster, swissqual & more

In 2011 we took a pivotal step and founded Serapion with headquarters in Munich and office in Tuzla.

In our mission to build top-notch products, we soon realized solving complex problems is something that suits us better than launching products ourselves. Since then, we solve challenging and interesting projects intending to provide the best digital solution. We started with digitization of Freiburger Münster. Shortly after that Rohde & Schwarz SwissQual AG required a specially designed tool, which we delivered. Today you can find it among their solutions called Mobile Network Testing.


That last

Since the first solution we developed for them, SwissQual AG remains our trusted partner. We decided to focus on forming bonds that last because shaping products thousands of people around the world use every day is not a one-time thing; it’s an investment. Some of our partners became industry leaders while working with us, others already were, and some are on a good path to becoming industry standards. Some of our most distinguished clients include SwissQual AG, Siemens, Audi, BMW, Bloom, Apari, Loop, Novomind, and Pantaflix.



In 2011 we took a pivotal step and founded Serapion with headquarters in Munich and office in Tuzla.
In the year 2020 Serapion opened a Zagreb office. We have our space in WESPA spaces which Serapion co- founded. Our idea was to create an office in which we would like to work in and then allow others to enjoy it too! Today you can find us there, working and enjoying the office with other great companies and startups.

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Our Team

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Prof. Dr. Damir Ismailović
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Zlatan Smiljanić
Partner, Team Lead
Stefan 1800x2000
Dr. Stefan Nosović
Team Lead
Nermin 1800x2000new
Nermin Imamović
Partner, Team Lead
Lovro Petrac 1800x2000
Lovro Petrač
Branch lead
Ademir 1800x2000new
Ademir Pjanić
Team Lead
Nino 1800x2000
Nino Korent
Partner, Team Lead
Mirnes 1800x2000new
Mirnes Halilović
Team Lead DevOps
Serapion Portreti 2
Sandro Sviben
Team Lead QA
Dominic 1800x2000
Dr. Dominic Henze
Team Lead
Faruk 1800x2000new
Faruk Hadžić
Partner, Team Lead
Serapion Portreti 1
Tvrtko Virović
Team Lead
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Thomas Krause
Team Lead

Headquarters Munich


Our headquarters in Munich serves as the nerve center for Serapion, guiding the company's strategic direction and driving innovation. Situated in the heart of one of Europe's most vibrant and forward-thinking cities, the Munich office houses our top leadership and a diverse team of talented professionals who work tirelessly to create cutting-edge digital solutions and expand our global footprint.

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Zagreb (Delivery Center)


Our Zagreb office in Croatia is a hub of creativity and technical expertise. Located in a thriving startup ecosystem, the team in Zagreb collaborates with local companies and entrepreneurs, staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies. This dynamic environment fuels the development of innovative solutions and strengthens our position as a leader in the software services industry.

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Tuzla (Delivery Center)


The Tuzla office in Bosnia & Herzegovina is a testament to Serapion's commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering a culture of excellence. Here, we have brought together a skilled team of software engineers, developers, and designers who collaborate closely with our other offices, contributing to the success of our projects and delivering outstanding digital products to our clients.

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Vienna (Delivery Center)


Serapion's presence in Vienna, Austria, reflects our commitment to expanding our reach and enhancing our capabilities across Europe. The Vienna office brings together a diverse group of experts in software engineering, project management, and consulting, working collaboratively.

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Delivery Center


Delivery Center


Business Development Center

Serapion Globe

Four different Locations


Across all of our locations - Munich, Tuzla, Zagreb, and Vienna - Serapion boasts a strong and diverse network of skilled professionals united by a shared passion for creating exceptional digital solutions. Each office contributes unique strengths and expertise, fostering a collaborative environment that enables us to tackle complex challenges and deliver outstanding results for our clients. This international presence not only demonstrates our commitment to growth and innovation but also solidifies Serapion's position as a leading software service provider in the global market.

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Digital Pioneers


Each generation has pioneered for one unique aspect of technology, but being truly native to a world with high-tech solutions is key to our generation.

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Want to solve complex problems and shape the future of digital products worldwide? If you recognize yourself in this statement, join more than 70+ experts who are working on digital products which you might be using every single day without even knowing!